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Wisdom Supervision 2017-2018 a

Reflective practice with a cross-professional approach rooted in the Wisdom model of supervision developed by Dr. Geraldine Holton.

Wisdom Supervision : A Cross-Professional Approach

Wisdom Supervision is the title given to the Professional Diploma offered at An Croí Wisdom Institute. It is a Cross-Professional    training programme that involves a variety of elements that are brought together in what is described as The Wisdom Supervision Model. The model developed by Dr. Holton is grounded in generic supervision theory and some key elements emphasised in the model include:-

  • Transformative Learning Theory,
  • Presentational Knowing,
  • Wise Collaborate Conversation
  • and fostering Wisdom Knowing.

The approach is described as Cross-Professional, a term coined by Holton that emerged from her research and extensive experience as a trainer of supervisors for almost twenty years

Wisdom Supervision seeks in a creative way to support a practitioner’s competency, effectiveness, and restoration  by providing a holding space for reflective learning that also engages a  variety of creative modalities.

Blending theory and practice the training provides foundations       necessary for supervising others in a variety of settings and contexts. The programme engages trainees in creative modalities and invites the whole person into the learning environment, engaging the affective, intuitive, thinking, physical and spiritual self. Cognisant of best practice and accreditation requirements, this one year training programme is grounded in the experience of being a trainee supervisor working with supervisees under supervision.


Learner Profile

This training is suitable for practitioners from across the helping   professions such as social care, counselling/psychotherapy, nursing, education, expressive arts, spiritual and pastoral practitioners. It is also suitable for trained supervisors who wish to learn more about ‘Wisdom Supervision’ and a Cross-Professional Supervision (CPS) approach. Candidates will normally have a minimum of five years experience in a helping relationship, or related leadership or teamwork.

Professional Accreditation

This training meets the requirements for accreditation and full membership of professional bodies such SAI Supervisors Association of Ireland  

The programme aims to:

  • Enable participants to acquire a critical awareness and insight into the practice of supervision in various settings
  • Facilitate participants in acquiring a sound skills base and an advanced understanding of the complex processes of supervision congruent with them through the art of reflexivity and creative critical thinking
  • Challenge participants to develop and articulate their own theoretically grounded approach to the art of supervision
  • Encourage participants to evaluate critically the scholarship related to supervisory practice
  • Provide continuing professional development for those already trained in supervision who wish to up-skill
  • Train participants in the theory, skills and approaches to effective Supervision, discover what is unique to Wisdom    Supervision and a Cross-Professional approach and introduce creative modalities for supervision.


Programme Director and Core Facilitator

Dr. Geraldine Holton is co-founder and co-director of An Croí     Wisdom Institute and  is core tutor for the programme. She is an experienced trainer whose training programmes are highly rated by participants as collaborative and transformative experiences of adult learning. As Director of Ireland’s first Masters programme in Supervision and the Professional   Diploma at An Croí she is regarded as an innovative leader in the field. Geraldine focuses on  experiential learning and different ways of knowing. Her background in adult learning and professional practice has been the foundation for her leadership in the field. Her approach is creative and contemplative and is grounded in sound theory and practice with transformational learning, engaging creative modalities and seeking wisdom at the core of her work. She is chair of the Supervisors Association of    Ireland (SAI) and  has forged links internationally for supervision with ANSE. She is co-author of ‘The Soul of Supervision’.


The core of wisdom supervision is rooted in transformational learning theory and reflective practice. It involves learning to be present, conversational, collaborative, specific, creative and wise in order to maintain professional standards and to ensure practitioner’s competency and  effectiveness.”    Geraldine Holton The Soul of Supervision

Programme Details 2018-2019

Applications by September 10th (late applicants considered)

Times : Fridays 4pm-8pm & Saturdays 10am-5pm

Dates   Oct. 5th/6th,  Nov. 9th/10th,Nov. 30th &Dec 1st

2019 Jan.11th/12th, Feb 8th/9th, March 8th/9th, April 12th/13th, May 10th/11th

June 7th/8th  & Sept 7th

Course Investment : €1750 payable in installments

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