SoulCollage Workshops (3)

SoulCollage®  Doorway to Inner Wisdom

Dr. Geraldine Holton is the first trained facilitator in the Republic of Ireland. She has facilitated SoulCollage workshops and retreats in Ireland and abroad.

SoulCollage® was created by Seena Frost in the 80’s and Dr. Geraldine Holton is trained to be a facilitator of this inspiring process. SoulCollage® is an expressive Jungian based art process in which you construct, over time, a personal deck of unique, soul-tending cards. It invites you to give visual and poetic expression to the unique tapestry of your life experiences, to discover and nourish the seeds of your destiny. The resulting deck of collaged images reflects back to you – your strengths, your beauty, your complexity, your dreams and your   accomplishments. SoulCollage® provides endless opportunities for stimulating your imagination, applying your creativity and integrating the many aspects of your life while you craft a series of cards representing your inner parts, your relations, the energetic patterns of your body and your personal mythology.

Series of four workshops : 7pm – 9pm

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