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Professional Diploma in Spiritual Guidance

& Soul-Centred Accompaniment


Programmes at An Croí are characterised by a contemplative, creative and compassionate approach, elements that are foundational for the Spiritual Guidance and Soul-Centred Accompaniment Training. The programme is rooted in the Christian Tradition, however it has an inter-spiritual perspective that focuses on perennial wisdom and is especially enriched by the Anamchara tradition in Celtic spirituality.

An Croí Wisdom Institute offers a comprehensive professional certification programme in Spiritual Guidance & Soul Centred Accompaniment recognised by the All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association. We have chosen to adopt the term Spiritual Guidance instead of Spiritual Direction and we are aware of the conversation around the limitations of any term to describe this work however we use both terms interchangeably for the purposes of understanding in different contexts. The term Soul- Centred Accompaniment has been added more recently as we respond to the current spiritual landscape that includes a contemporary spiritual psychology. This programme has been running successfully for more than a decade and is continually updated as we respond to current trends in spirituality and spiritual practice while remaining true to the ancient tradition of spiritual direction.

Programme Aim

The programme aims to provide the psycho-spiritual training in theory and practice necessary for spiritual guidance and soul -centred accompaniment. It focuses on spiritually orientated processes, practices and perspectives, drawing on ancient wisdom from the Christian tradition of spiritual direction, perennial wisdom across traditions and insights from psycho-spiritual disciplines.

It aims to provide theoretical, spiritual, and ethical foundations and prepare participants to become spiritual guides/ directors and for some who already have a professional practice, to be able to integrate soul work and spiritual perspectives into their existing practice.

The programme aims to develop a contemplative, compassionate and creative approach that enables participants to develop a personal philosophy of Spiritual Guidance and gain a critical and theoretical understanding of the nature and elements involved in spiritual guidance and soul-accompaniment. There is a Celtic flavour to the programme influenced by Anamchara-Soulfriendship tradition.

Programme Intentions

·         Prepare participants for their role as a Spiritual Guidance Practitioners

  • Develop a contemplative, compassionate and creative approach to Spiritual Guidance
  • Enable participants acquire the skills necessary for Spiritual Guidance & SCA
  • Facilitate spiritual growth and understanding of the ways of Divine Mystery in human experience
  • Examine some theories, approaches, models, psychological and social contexts necessary for Spiritual Guidance and develop a working model based on the principles of the programme
  • Gain the theoretical foundations in learning necessary for Spiritual Guidance &SCA
  • Facilitate participants as they discern their role as Spiritual Guidance Practitioners
  • Provide practical training in the skills of Spiritual Guidance and provide the opportunity to engage in Spiritual Guidance with Guidee’s under supervision.
  • Enable participant to develop a personal philosophy of Spiritual Guidance and gain a critical and theoretical understanding of the nature and elements involved.
  • Develop an understanding of the ethical responsibilities for a Spiritual Guidance Practitioner

While developing skills for spiritual accompaniment and soul making the programme also explores the relationship between spirituality and psychology, psyche and soul, spiritual direction and counselling. Other areas explored include maps of spiritual unfolding, psycho-spiritual issues, spiritual guidance approaches and traditions, contemplative spiritual practices.

Programme Modules

Module:1. The Art of Spiritual Guidance & Soul-Centred Accompaniment

Module:2. Spiritual Guidance: Traditions, Approaches and Themes

Module:3. Spiritual Experience, Contemplative Spiritual Practices & Discernment

Module:4. Spiritual Unfolding & Soul Consciousness

Module:5. Self-Understanding & Psycho-Spiritual Themes for Spiritual Guidance:

Module:6. Transformational Learning and Integrative practices

Learner Profile

The programme is ideally suited to those who wish to train in spiritual guidance/direction. It is also geared towards caring professionals who wish to integrate a spiritual perspective into their professional practice with competency and ethical awareness. Suitable candidates will normally have some foundation in spirituality, counselling or a cognate area.                Participants will normally have:

  • Felt drawn to spiritual accompaniment and soul work with others.
  • Have some background in spirituality/theology/counselling or cognate area.
  • Willingness to engage in Spiritual Guidance themselves.
  • A commitment to spiritual growth and contemplative spiritual practices
  • An ability to listen to others with reverence.
  • Commitment to the duration and components of the programme
  • A personal capacity for openness, change and transformation.

Programme Structure

There are a few of stages in the programme, including an initial stage following application, which involves a discernment conversation and an invitation to engage with some preparatory reading. The next stage is the class contact time which provides theoretical foundations and develops foundational skills for Spiritual Guidance in a variety of settings. The programme then continues to build on these foundations by providing the practical training, psycho- spiritual foundations and also provides an opportunity to engage in accompanying others under supervision. The programme aims to facilitate growth in understanding the ways of the Divine Presence in human experience and foster spiritual growth and human becoming. Participants will gain insights into soul-work and prepare to become spiritual practitioners. The programme will develop the art and provide the professional training to become a Spiritual Guide/Director. The final stage of the programme is the integrative stage that provides an opportunity to integrate learning and complete required skills practice under supervision and complete a final learning portfolio.


The programme commitment involves a discernment phase (July-Sept), monthly training sessions over a calendar year Fridays 4-8pm & Sat. 10am-5pm (Oct-June), and participation in a four-day intensive training component late July 2020 plus an integration phase (June-December). The programme is delivered in an integrative modular format, though each training session will have a focus on a particular module, with on-going skills training, practice and integration. Successful participants who complete all components of the programme ( including summer intensive, three self-schedule retreat days, a commitment to the required number of sessions of personal spiritual guidance and of guiding others under supervision) will be eligible for the award of Professional Diploma in Spiritual Guidance & SCA, recognised by the All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association.




Discernment Phase Discernment Conversation

Preparatory Reading

July – Sept 2019

at An Croí Wisdom Institute

Monthly Sessions

Friday 4-8pm

Sat. 10-5pm


October – June 2020

An Croí Wisdom School Four Day July 23rd – 26th
Spiritual Guidance Engagement 10 Sessions Monthly
Spiritual Guidance Practice 10 Sessions

(between 2 guidees)

January – October
Spiritual Guidance Skills Prac. 25 hours video sessions May
External Supervision 5 Sessions

(also internal x3)

January – October
Retreat Experience Days Minimum Three days Self- scheduled
E-Learning Class Self Directed learning with Resources on line class On-going
Three integration days 3 Days Sept – Nov.



Assessment on the programme is based on the completion of both transformative and summative assessment as outlined below. Assignments are presented in a variety of formats with summative assignments and transformative evidence which is presented and integrated into a professional learning portfolio format for final assessment at the end of the programme.

During the programme participants are required to complete assignments to be submitted in a variety of formats which may include: a book report, essay, group presentations, creative presentation with supporting documentation, reflections papers, micro analyses, verbatims, and learning journals.

Programme Director and Tutors

 Programme Director & Key Tutor   :Carmel Boyle MMin, BATh

 Co-Tutor                                              :Geraldine Holton DPsych.,MSc., Adult Ed. BATh.

 Visiting Tutors                 :Jack Finnegan SDB DD            Paddy Greene  SJ STL, MA.

Visiting Specialists

Programme director may engage visiting presenters who have particular expertise and experience to enhance the programme.

Programme Details 2019-2020

Fridays 4pm-8pm & Saturdays 10am-5pm

Dates Oct. 11th/12th,  Nov. 15th/16th, Dec. 13th/14th

2020 Jan.17th/18th, Feb 14th/15th, March 20th/21st

April 24th/25th, May 22nd/23rd,  June 19th, 20th & 21st,  Sept 18th/19th

An Croí Wisdom Summer School July 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th 2020

Programme Financial Investment  €1750 (payable in installments)

(Retreats, spiritual guidance, supervision and accommodation not included in fee)

B&B Accommodation available locally