Certificate in Exploring Spirituality and Living with Soul 
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Certificate in

Exploring Spirituality and Living with Soul

September – June  Wednesdays 7pm – 8.30pm (16 sessions)

& Saturday 11am- 3pm   October 15th,   December 10th  February 25th,  May 27th

Semester One

Sept 28th, Oct. 5th & 19th Nov. 9th, 23rd, 30th, Dec. 7th

Semester Two

Jan. 25th, Feb 1st, Feb. 22nd, March 1st, 8th, 29th April 5th, 26th, May 17th, 24th

An opportunity for enrichment and learning in spiritually challenging times.

Exploring Spirituality & Living with Soul

This programme will provide an opportunity to refresh and renew your soul, expand your heart and enliven your creative spirit. It is an opportunity to explore spirituality, spiritual traditions, and to enter more deeply into the spiritual dimension of life. You will uncover what lies at the heart of the Christian mystical tradition and discover an inclusive spirituality that is shared across traditions.  It is an enrichment programme that blends psycho-spiritual perspectives and practices for spiritual enrichment and development. Spirituality is how we express our longings, our values, and beliefs and it is marked by living with soul. By participating in this programme you will reflect on your own expression of spirituality, learn from mystics, saints, creative artists and scholars and gain insights around living a more heart- centred and soulful life.

History of the Programme

The current offering of this programme is the bringing together of some earlier programmes offered at An Croí over more than two decades. One of the earliest programmes was a Diploma in Spirituality, devised by An Croí and accredited by Milltown Institute, which was the first university recognised outreach programme in spirituality in Ireland. The current programme draws on some of that original inspiration and adapts it to meet the needs of a changed spiritual landscape in Ireland today. The current programme also incorporates elements of a more recent programme offered at An Croí, ‘Living with Soul’, which broadens the scope of inquiry and practice to include perennial spiritual wisdom across traditions.

The aim of this programme is:

  • To facilitate exploring spirituality and living with soul
  • To explore spiritual wisdom across spiritual traditions
  • To engage in contemplative and integrative practices
  • To introduce creative soul-care practices
  • To promote spiritual and personal development
  • To promote a commitment to soul work
  • To explore some key issues and emerging trends in spirituality
  • To provide a foundation and springboard for the An Croí training in Spiritual Guidance.

Programme Outcome

  • This programme can be a powerful transformative experience of spiritual enrichment and an opportunity for deep learning.
  • Undertaking this involves engaging with perspectives and practices for soulful living and has the potential to nurture spiritual growth.
  • It fosters the potential for living more authentically and to be inspired by spiritual wisdom across traditions. the wisdom of heart and soul and connecting with Divine source.

Suitable Participants

  • This programme is suitable for anyone who wants to be nourished spiritually and who is interested in exploring more deeply how they can live a more soul-centred life.
  • It is suitable for those who want to explore their own spirituality, understand their own spiritual tradition and develop a mature spirituality suitable for living our their spirituality in the challenges of a contemporary spiritual landscape.
  • It is suitable for those who wish to create a foundation in spirituality in preparation for further cognate training



Module One: Exploring Spirituality

  • Exploring Spirituality & Spiritual Traditions
  • Celtic Spirituality
  • Christian Mystical Tradition
  • Exploring Contemplative Practices
  • Cultivating a contemplative heart

Module Two: Introduction to Living with Soul

  • What is soul?
  • Psycho-Spiritual Perspectives for living with soul
  • Soul Principles Attention – Intention – Awareness
  • Soulful Ways -Contemplative Way -Compassion Way – Creative Way
  • Listening to Soul & Growing a discerning heart

Module Three: Psycho-spiritual development & themes

  • Deep Listening & Developing a Discerning Heart
  • Psycho-Spiritual Growth
  • Spirituality and psycho-spiritual life themes
  • Typology (Enneagram) & Spirituality
  • Eco-spirituality 

Module Four: Introduction to the Creative Way

  • The Creative Soul
  • Soul Collage: SoulCollage™ is a creative modality based on Jungian psychology
  • Soul Garden: SoulGardening™ developed by Dr. Geraldine Holton, is a creative modality for soul making and provides a window into the soul.
  • Soul Energy: Explores the Chakra Energy System and combines music, song. movement and embodied practices for soul healing

Programme Investment:

This programme is an investment in living from the heart, with more depth, awareness and soul

€600  Payable in two instalments ( Sept/Oct & Jan/Feb)

Time Investment

Wednesdays 7pm – 8.30pm GMT Irish Time   (2pm – 3.30pm Eastern Time USA)

Weekly Zoom Sessions, Self- directed leaning with resources on An Croí Learning Platform

& 4 Saturday 11am – 3pm

An Croí provides for a blended learning experience where participants have the option of attending online or in person.

Programme Requirements

The programme is open to anyone interested in exploring spirituality and ways of living with soul. Participants are expected to participate fully in attendance, with the online learning platform learning and integration sessions and practices. The certificate in Exploring Spirituality and Living with Soul is awarded to those who complete the assessment requirements of six reflection pieces based on your experience of themes explored in programme modules, which are then presented in a creative learning journal. There are no formal educational requirements to participate and there are no exams.


To apply for this programme download the application form from the An Croí Website www.ancroi.ie and either email or post to An Croí. On receipt of application the programme director will set up a zoom conversation to discern around participation.

Programme Director: Carmel Boyle

Soul Companions and Tutors: Carmel Boyle and Dr. Geraldine Holton

Specialist guest presenters are invited by the programme director to facilitate some module themes.