Spirituality Certificate Programme : Journeying with Heart & Soul
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Spirituality Certificate Programme

Journeying with Heart & Soul

Online Virtual Programme

An opportunity for enrichment and learning in spiritually challenging times.


Journeying with Heart and Soul

This programme will provide an opportunity to refresh and renew your soul, expand your heart and enliven your creative spirit. It is an opportunity to explore spirituality and soul, learn more about spiritual traditions and be introduced to inspiring saints and mystics. You will be inspired to enter more deeply into the spiritual dimension of life. You will uncover what lies at the heart of the Christian mystical tradition and discover an inclusive spirituality that is shared across traditions.  It is an enrichment programme that blends psycho-spiritual perspectives and practices for spiritual enrichment and development. Spirituality is how we express our longings, our values, and beliefs, and it is marked by journeying through life with heart and soul. By participating in this programme you will be invited to reflect on your own expression of spirituality, learn from mystics, saints and enrich your creative spirit. With this programme you are invited to live a more heart-centred and soulful life.

Programme Delivery

The programme is delivered on the An Croí Learning Platform. It consists of four modules that are inspired by the metaphor of journey. Participants will have private access on the learning platform to tutorials and resources. The format allows for self-directed and self-paced learning. Each module consists of six video tutorial sessions, contemplative/ creative practice and additional resources. At the conclusion of each module, participants are invited to a live Zoom integration session with a programme soul companion tutor. (Integration session is either one-to-one or in small group, depending of numbers following the programme at a given time.)


The aim of this programme is:

  • To facilitate exploring spirituality and living with soul
  • To explore wisdom found in the Christian mystical tradition
  • To explore the notion of soul
  • To introduce creative soul-care practices
  • To promote psycho-spiritual development
  • To nurture a commitment to soul work
  • To explore metaphor of journey
  • To provide a springboard for the An Croí training in Spiritual Guidance.
  • To foster potential for living an authentic life and connecting with Divine source.


Suitable Participants

  • This programme is suitable for anyone who wishes to be nourished spiritually.
  • It is suitable for those who want to explore their own spirituality, understand their own spiritual tradition and develop a mature spirituality suitable for living a more authentic spiritual life in the midst of the challenges of a contemporary spiritual landscape.
  • It is suitable for those who wish to develop a foundation in spirituality for further cognate training.


Module Titles & Themes

  1. Journey with Saints and Mystics x 6 sessions
  • Exploring Spirituality
  • Mystical Tradition
  • Saints and Mystics
  1. Journey with Soul x 6 sessions
  • Soulful Living
  • Healing the wounded soul
  • The soul of the earth
  1. Journey with Colour x 6 sessions
  • Chakra System
  • Creativity
  • Psycho-Spiritual Wisdom
  1. Journey with a Celtic Heart x 6 sessions
  • A Contemplative Heart
  • A Celtic Pilgrimage
  • Eco-spirituality and care of earth


Programme Requirements

The programme is open to anyone interested in exploring spirituality and ways of living with soul. Participants are expected to engage fully with the online learning platform and integration sessions. The certificate is awarded to those who complete a reflection journal for each module and a final reflection upon completion of all modules. There are no formal educational requirements to participate, and there are no exams.

Programme Investment:

Investment : €600  Payable in two instalments



To apply for this programme download the application form from the An Croí Website www.ancroi.ie and either email or post to An Croí. On receipt of application, the programme director will set up a Zoom conversation to discern around participation.

Programme Director: Carmel Boyle

Soul Companions Key Tutor: Carmel Boyle Co-Tutors : Dr. Geraldine Holton,

Mr. Vincent O Grady & Ms Kathleen Keaney

Specialist guest presenters are invited by the programme director to contribute to module themes.