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Living with Soul (Level 1)

Living with soul is a programme that will refresh and renew your soul, expand your heart and mind and enliven your creative spirit. It is an enrichment programme that blends psycho-spiritual theories and practices for spiritual enrichment and development. It is the An Croí Wisdom Model™ applied to living a more soulful life. The programme is inspired by the An Croí philosophy and The Wisdom Model™ originally developed by Dr. Geraldine Holton, which is applied to Professional Supervision and Spiritual Guidance training at An Croí Wisdom Institute. The Living with Soul programme applies the model  in a generic way as a psycho- spiritual philosophy for living. The programme introduces psycho-spiritual perspectives on the philosophy, principles and practices that are considered foundational for living with soul. Participants are guided through transformative modular themes exploring ways of living with soul by exploring 1) The Contemplative Presence Way, 2) The Compassionate Mindful Way, 3) The Circular Feminine Way, and 4) The Creative Mystical Way.

Programme Aim

Participants will be introduced to perennial wisdom from across psycho-spiritual traditions, soul-centred themes and creativity that can enhance the potential for living with soul.The aim of the programme is to facilitate participants as they endeavour to live more from a heart-centred and more soul-centre space and to develop mindful, contemplative and creative soul practices.

Programme Outcome

This programme can be a powerful transformative experience of spiritual enrichment and an opportunity for deep learning.

Module Themes

  1. Psycho-Spiritual Perspectives (M1)
  • Soul Meaning
  • Soul Making
  • Soul Consciousness
  1. Soul Principles (M2)
  • Attention Interiorally
  • Awareness and Intention
  • Acceptance and Intervention
  • Artist and Inspiration
  1. Soulful Ways (M3)
  • The Contemplative Presence Way: Contemplative prayer and living
  • The Compassion Mindful Way: Compassionate and mindful living
  • The Circular Feminine Way: Circles, Connections,& Chakras.
  • The Creative Mystical Way. Mystics, Mysticism & Imagination
  1. Soul Practices (M4)
  • Soul Collage: SoulCollage™ is a creative modality for soul insight based on Jungian psychology
  • Soul Garden: SoulGardening™ is a creative modality for soul making developed by Dr. Geraldine Holton
  • Soul Energy: Soul Energy combines music, song and movement for soul healing.
  • Soul Mandalas: For insight, healing and wholeness

Who might apply

This programme is suitable for anyone who wants to be nourished spiritually and who is interested in exploring more deeply how they can live a more soul-centred life. It opens up the potential for living more authentically from the wisdom of their soul space, the heart. It is also for those who seek to understand how the Wisdom Model™ can be applied to daily living as well as professional life. Undertaking Living with Soul involves engaging with ways of soulful living and soulful practices that have the potential to support spiritual growth and enhance the ability to live with more depth of soul.

It may also be a suitable for continuing professional development (CPD) for experienced practitioners providing a minimum of 40hours continuing professional development.

All that is required is evidence of a desire to be open to the transformative process and commitment to the components of the programme.

Programme assessment is based on creating a soul journal.   

 CPD Certificate in Living with Soul awarded on completion of programme    

Investment: This programme is an investment in a better quality of Life

€480  Payable in instalments


When : Tuesdays 2pm-5pm GMT Irish Time(Eight Weeks).

9am-12pm Eastern Time ( USA)

Programme Dates

Nov.3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th  Dec. 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.

Programme Delivery

Eight Three Hour Sessions combining zoom with further resources available on the An Croí Wisdom Institute online learning platform

Further Learning

An Croí offers further in – depth exploration of each theme in more upcoming levels of the Living with Soul programmes available 2021.

Programme Director : Carmel Boyle

Soul Companions and tutors: Carmel Boyle and Dr. Geraldine Holton