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Living with Soul

Living with soul is a programme that will refresh and renew your soul, expand your heart and mind and enliven your spirit. It is both an enrichment and training programme that blends psycho-spiritual theories and practices for spiritual enrichment and development. Participants are guided through transformative modular themes that explore soul meaning, soul work and soul play.


Programme Aim

The aim of the programme is to facilitate participants as they endeavor to live more from a heart and soul centre and to develop contemplative and creative soul practices. Participants will be introduced to the wisdom of spiritual traditions, soul centred themes and creativity, that will enhance living with soul.

Programme Outcome

This programme is a powerful transformative experience of spiritual enrichment and learning. It also provides Level 1 training in ‘Living with Soul’ for those who want to train as facilitators of LWS  and Soul Companioning (Level 1)



Module Themes

  1. Living with Soul (M1on-going)

Psycho-spiritual foundations for living with soul.

  • Soul Meaning
  • Soul Making
  • Soul Consciousness
  1. Soulful Perspectives and practices
  • Developing a Compassionate Heart and Mindfulness (M2)
  • Contemplative Prayer and Christian Meditation (M3)
  • Chakra Balance & Healing (M4)
  • Mystics and Mysticism (M5)
  1. Soulful Play
  • Soul Collage (M6)
  • Soul Garden(M7)
  • Soul Sound (M8)
  1. Soul Companioning (M9 on-going)
  • Contemplative Presence & Key Accompaniment Skills
  1. Facilitating Living with Soul Professional considerations. L1

Who might apply

This programme is suitable for anyone who wants to be nourished spiritually and who is interested in an introduction to theories and practices that will support spiritual growth and enhance the ability to live with more depth and soul.

It may also be a suitable for continuing professional development (CPD) for experienced practitioners or as a stepping stone for those who wish to become ‘Living with Soul’ facilitators, or those interested in further training in spiritual guidance/ direction and soul-work.

All that is required is evidence of a desire to learn, openness to the transformative process and commitment to the components of the programme. Assessment is based on reflection papers.        There are no exams.

Investment  We view this course as an investment in a better quality of life.                                                                            €750  Payable in instalments

When : Saturdays 10-5pm(Monthly Oct-June) Includes optional e-learning.