Dr Jack Finnegan SDB is a distinguished teacher of psychotherapy and contemporary spirituality and has lectured in leading universities in Ireland and Europe. He is chairperson of the All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association and serves on the board of the Supervisors Association of Ireland. He is an experienced practitioner and has been a key member of the academic team and a mentor at An Croí since its inception. His most recent book is “The Audacity of Spirit: The meaning and shaping of spirituality today” which is an in-depth study of contemporary spirituality and invaluable textbook resource.

Paddy Greene SJ has been a key member of the An Croí academic team since the founding of An Croí more than twenty years ago. He has consistently supported the innovative work of Carmel and Geraldine recognising that they are animators of a contemporary spirituality, and advocates of transformational adult learning. He is an experienced spiritual guide and educator. He has conducted many workshops at An Croí and is a tutor on the spiritual guidance training programme. As a lecturer and trainer his specialist focus area is dream work and creation spirituality.

Dr. Peter Krebs ST is a licensed psychologist who has a vibrant practice in counselling and spiritual direction. He is a member of the  Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity and has served as guardian at the Shrine of St Joseph in Stirling NJ for almost twenty years. He initiated the collaboration with An Croí in the United States and is a key tutor on the An Croi Spiritual Guidance training programme. He is the founder of Sacred Thread Ministries which incorporates the work of An Croí in a ministry of spiritual enrichment.  He is also a member an Interfaith Clergy Group, acts as a guide for people growing in their own personal spirituality and facilitates group retreats.