Celtic Spirit Centre at An Croí

Celtic Spirit Centre is a new venture for An Croí. When in 2015 An Croí moved to their new premises in the village of Tullyallen, just outside of Drogheda, in the heart of the Boyne Valley, the co-founders Carmel Boyle and Geraldine Holton recognised that the location would be significant for the work of An Croí.  Having  shared the spiritual heritage of the Boyne Valley internationally  in concerts, retreats and training, they  now have the opportunity to bring that wisdom back  home to Co. Louth. They have transformed local GAA rooms into a welcoming space where visitors can experience  the Celtic spiritual tradition. They hope to breathe new life into ancient traditions and offer a space of hospitality, spirituality, learning, and  creativity at the centre.




Celtic Spirit Centre is a sacred space at An Croí that gives a contemporary expression to the Celtic Spiritual Tradition inspired by ‘the golden era’ of Celtic Christianity. The spirit of the tradition is experienced first of all its creativity and hospitality ranging from a tea-room space to the performance space. There is a meditation space, ‘the heart room’, and Brigid’s room, a scriptorium space where visitors can engage in some contemplative creativity. Audio-visual resources and an extensive library that includes a large selection of Celtic books are available in the space. Sessions with Carmel Boyle can be arranged for visiting groups. Carmel offers short programmes that introduce visitors to the tradition through song, reflections and simple rituals.


The Celts had a great love of learning and An Croí Wisdom Institute is a centre of learning inspired by the wisdom of the Celtic tradition. The elements of the tradition are imbedded in all programmes at An Croi that are a Creative, Contemplative and Celtic approach to wisdom of the heart. These elements find a tangible expression in the Celtic Spirit  Centre


These elements include:- A love of learning that is open minded, an  attitude of hospitality that is inclusive, a love of creativity in all its forms , daily contemplative practices, providing ‘Anamchara’/ Spiritual Guidance for pilgrims of all traditions and ecology/care for the earth. All of these elements find expression both in the work of An Croí and in a tangible way in the Celtic Spirit Centre.


Monthly Soul Sunday Performances by Carmel Boyle take place in the above space – check out scheduled dates.

Be a Pilgrim not a Tourist

Tourists and Pilgrims are welcomed to this

 unique experience Celtic Christian Spirituality


Facilitated Schedule for pilgrims include:

Enjoy Hospitality with ‘a cuppa’ and traditional bake

Learn from Audio-visual and/or live Presentation

Engage in Creativity in the Scriptorium Space

Meditate in ‘Heart Room’ or join the rhythm of prayer

Browse in our Wisdom Reading Library

Enjoy the garden or experience SoulGarden™ & Anamchara

Listen to inspirational Celtic and Soul song


A suggested minimum donation for visits applies

Open Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays  11am-4pm

Tours Welcome to visit by Arrangement

Facilitated Pilgrimage of the Boyne Valley available on request